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As a startup CEO, acquiring investment capital is critical to success. You couldn’t be better served than to work with Rob Matzkin. He’s formed more than half a dozen ventures and took our team through formation, valuation, the VC perspective and other key concepts. We got significant value for our time and are continuing to work with Rob.

Norman Ireland

President, and Government contractor and consultant., OneTouch HCM

Rob is an incredible business coach. I use the term “incredible” because not only does he offer you continued support and motivation. He opens up your mind to constantly see and aim for the end goal! Rob has certainly helped me grow not only on a business level but on a personal one as well! 10 stars for Rob!

Serina Levy

Senior Channel Account Manager, Cognni

Always insightful, flexible in his approach and never losing sight of the business needs, Rob proved to get me immediate results with a talent to simplify complex problems and create a productive workplan that made a real impact in my business.

Tamara Pross

Founder & Head of Café Tel Aviv, Citizen Café Tel Aviv

In short, the world could use a few more people who listen and coach with the great consideration that Rob does.

He makes parallels across necessary areas I wasn’t even paying attention to. He observes patterns I didn’t know were there. And he listens with such an authenticity that makes it hard to be anything but completely transparent in turn.

Tina Lance

Freelance Writer / Blogger, Tina Lance

What you get

Rob enables his Cadre of people to perform at their highest levels.

You’ll have the opportunity to take dedicated, focused time on your goals and understand what is in the way to accomplish them.

For years, Rob has enabled his clients to lead powerful lives of purpose and financial success filled with love.

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Continuous awareness foresight and vision – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your full potential

Entrepreneurs lose their way from time to time. Many times, they are motivating themselves for all the wrong reasons.

For example; most entrepreneurs get fixated on money, fear of failing, investors, or the next milestone. With that they lose their passion, original purpose and ambition.

Let’s bring back to that primal motivation to create a pathway to achieve goals and financial success WITH passion!

Rob speaking from experience being a multi entrepreneur himself.

Rob Matzkin with blue jacket posing in front of wall with myQuest logo

My approaches

Unlock you from feeling stuck

Lifting your business and changing your life doesn’t come easy. If it was, we would already have done it! We need to shake things up. That is why I call for a REVOLUTION.


Finding the right direction

Too often entrepreneurs lack focus and go in all sorts of directions. I help my clients finding their direction and stick to it to ensure business goals are met.

Power up through innovation

Many businesses fail to go to the next level because they don’t offer anything new. In my sessions I will ask the questions that help lift your business through innovation.

Finding passion and balance

Working hard and playing hard can be very tiring. It’s time to find some balance, to recharge and nurture your soul. I will help you find your way back to what motivates you.

The Ikigai fulfillment path

In my coaching sessions, I follow the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which means ‘a reason for being.’ The concept is about having direction or purpose in life where the actions we take are spontaneous and not forced upon us.

By living your Ikigai path you will find your flow and operate your business with the passion and purpose you are meant to. At the same time Ikigai also encourages a positive mindset, healthy lifestyle and reconnecting with nature. This is where we can find the life balance that so many of us are seeking.

The Balance

Finding and implementing true balance and power in all areas of your life!

Inner Wisdom

To learn from others, finding your own path without having to create one.

Graph of Ikigai concept

“It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others’s successes.”

Remember there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, or learn things the hard way or on your own.

About Rob

Achieving dreams through self discovery

Ten years ago, my life was full of resentment, regrets, anger and frustration. I was running a successful company, but I wasn’t happy in my life. I was working 16 hours a day, six days per week and I never got to unwind. The phone was ringing at 11 at night and 8 in the morning. I had very little time to decompress.

I also struggled with dyslexia growing up and was not able to read until I was 10. I felt exhausted always feeling I had to prove to people how smart I was.

Only when I started my journey of self-discovery and found what really fulfilled me in life, was I able to slowly and methodically work on my past and let go of my frustrations. This is when I joined the Landmark program which helped me find the tools that enabled me to live the life of my dreams: being a purpose-driven entrepreneur with time for people that matter and my other passions in life like surfing, yoga and skiing.

Now I have a lucrative career and full financial freedom, making an impact on others, but without having to work an overwhelming number of hours. Now I can grow as an intellectual and spiritual human being.

Portrait of Rob Matzkin
Rob started one of his businesses when skiing
One of Robs passions is to go surfing
Kitesurfing work life balance
Rob Matzkin doing acro yoga in a canyon

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